Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bear Valley Mountain Resort

New Year's skiing was snow good!!

After a year of waiting, Bear Valley Mountain Resort accumulated a 36 inch base of snow this January. On New Year's Day skiers and snowboarders where shocked with the strong gusting winds. All of the fresh snow layer from the previous night was blown away revealing a slippery, icy layer. Skiers and snowboarders had trouble on the slopes with these conditions. These winds were so powerful that one of the pine trees fell down onto the Polar Express lift (located on the backside of the mountain). The lift was closed for the rest of January 1rst. This lift being closed caused chaos on the mountain. There were many skiers and snowboarders in line for the only other lift accessible at the time on the backside of the mountain. This reporter talked to 14 year old advanced skier, Jacob Andreatta to explain further on this topic. "Bear Valley was very icy, busy, and windy which was surprising considering the snow was very fresh and nice a few days prior." said Jacob. New Year's skiing was snow good!!!

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