Thursday, May 14, 2015

High School Transitions

High School

In 27 days, all 8th grade Laguna Middle School students will be graduating Junior High and going to San Luis Obispo High School. The students will be going on a field trip to the high school on Tuesday, May 15. The field trip will include touring the campus and exploring the school. Most middle school students are excited and scared. The campus at the high school is larger and you have much more freedom to roam around the school. For example students can sit wherever on the campus for lunch. 10th-12th grade students can go off of campus for lunch. This is exciting for former middle school students because the middle school is much smaller with more restraints and rules. Students are also becoming more independent when transitioning into high school.

There are much more varieties of electives. At Laguna their are about 6 electives and at SLO High there are 20 or more. There are also language classes included in the electives that can be exciting for students. The overall experience of transitioning to high school is very exciting for many students.